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What is Al-D2D/T?

Where the street and the studio conceptually meet.


AL–D2D/T; possessing an artistic methodology, business model and creative mission is the brainchild of Founding Rockefeller Brothers Fellow and Inaugural Lincoln Center Institute Resident Artist of the Mentoring Lab.


Abdul Latif–D2DT, this first formed consortium of artists and project management associates assembled to work in tandem with Abdul Latif’s construction of customized, multi-disciplined concert performances and multi-media commercial entertainment productions aide in the fostering of a collaborative forum for producing entertaining exhibitions and installation installments.


With a mantra that art belongs to everyone and its movements and rhythms come from everyday life, the shaping of arts-ed programming and creative learning platforms of this emerging entity define its focus and future. The independent and strategic drafting of individualized special design for each creative venture and every contracted partnership sets apart the collective’s engagement and client experience of D2DT’s committed work process and end result product.


We aim to be a breath of fresh air so that we may equally take your breath away... Built off the foundation of Producing Artistic Director Abdul Latif’s Urban-Contemporary style and his dimensional duality for developing work allows for the capacity to assemble a piece for performance purposes, while compartmentally deconstructing imaginative learning modules of educational origin and/or for entertainment orientation. Abdul Latif’s dual capacity to simultaneously compose soundscapes and choreograph steps affords Abdul Latif - D2D/T the ability to both produce musical scores and put together movement sequences of any work all at once.


The creative process and imaginative learning procedures that shape AL - D2D/T and equally Abdul Latif’s educational platform design of The NEXT Project, aide in making D2D/T’s programming ability to reach ages of 8 to 80. Abdul Latif – D2D/T’s aim not just in the cross-pollination of mediums but a cross-generational meeting of the public--- Make us beholden to helping redefine the boundaries of what is boldly possible beyond our present imaginations.


abdul latif / producing artistic director

Ramón Javier / Managing director


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